The Courage to be Free

Is there such a thing as freedom? And if there is, where is it? What is it like? What do you call it? If it doesn’t exist, why is everyone talking about it, looking for it, demanding it?
Do you think you’re free? And if you don’t, do you want to be? Do you, do you want to have the courage to be free?”
To be free, in fact, it takes courage. Looking at the world and human beings, what appears is an endless stage on which everyone performs wearing the different masks imposed by existence, but each of us, especially in those moments when we are alone with ourselves, also experiences the acute sensation of being something absolutely different and separate from everything else, something unique. The spark of freedom comes from this awareness, but to sustain it, courage is needed: the courage to escape the dominant thought and discover new values in which to believe; the courage to shake off the conventions that suffocate us and build an authentic relationship with others and with oneself; the courage to be free to truly become who we are.
Does freedom really exist? And if it exists, where is it? How to define it? These are the questions that Vito Mancuso asks himself, making us understand that all of us in everyday life are used to acting, as if we were on a big stage, wearing the mask suitable for the situation in which we find ourselves. Our freedom to express ourselves and to be is, in fact very often conditioned by the interlocutors we have in front of us, by the obstacles we have to overcome, by the places we frequent: according to the cases, we, therefore, dress a particular mask to be accepted and understood. In fact, it has happened to anyone – out of fear, out of convenience, and sometimes with the best intentions – to strive to appear as others wanted to see him. Therefore, we find true freedom when we have the courage to look inside ourselves, in moments of great solitude, or in the company of the people we love the most; and in general every time -maybe thanks to a job in which we recognize ourselves and which gratifies us- we manage to express ourselves fully and throw away the mask.

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